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For individuals, families, children and the self-employed. We will evaluate your current coverage and make specific recommendations that suit your need and budget.


  • Short Term Medical
  • Long Term Medical, Dental, and Vision

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  • Long Term and Short Term Disability
  • Life Insurance

Life insurance can help secure your family’s financial future by providing the financial funds they may need in the event of a premature death.  There are typically three types of life insurance.  They are:

Term Insurance

This type is an inexpensive temporary way of providing protection for your family.  It provides for protection for a chosen number of years before it expires.  The policy accumulates no cash value.

Universal Life

This type is a flexible permanent policy that offers cash value.  The policyholder can determine the amount and frequency of the premium payments.  This product is interest rate sensitive.

Whole Life

This type of policy provides permanent protection from the date of issue to the date of death provided premiums are paid.  Unlike Universal Life the premiums are not flexible but remain level throughout the policy’s life.  Whole Life is based on dividends rather than interest rates.  This policy builds cash value and may be used to provide a source for retirement or help pay off a mortgage.