Have you ever needed legal advice quickly without the follow-up bill for $500?  If so, our attorneys may be able to not only quickly answer your questions but do so at no cost to your company.  We can provide your management team with the information you need on everything from Arizona real estate to Zoological contract law. Our specialties include:

  • Labor Law. BizAssure provides unlimited and unrestricted access to Littler-Mendelson and Jackson Lewis, the nation’s premiere labor law firms.  As a member employer you are entitled to speak with senior labor law attorneys free of charge.  For many companies this access may save many thousands of dollars each year.
  • Immigration Law. Federal and state legal requirements regarding proper hiring and document verification is a very risky endeavor for most employers.  Let us help you with understanding the I-9 requirements and legal utilization of background checks.
  • Administrative and Regulatory Law. Specialized legal consulting for dealing with City Hall or various federal or state agencies (OSHA, EEOC, etc.).  Just because they say so … doesn’t always make it so!

We also provide all of our clients with a huge document library for all of their compliance needs.