$800 Savings Per Employee…
How Many Employees Do You Have?

Is it really possible to save $800 per employee each year using BizAssure services? The quick answer is “Yes!”, and only a licensed, certified BizAssure member broker such as Stern Insurance Group, Inc. can make that claim. Most brokers just sell insurance. The BizAssure broker, however, does much more. He helps provide you with solutions to issues that the typical broker doesn’t address, and saves you money in the process. Today, insurance alone just isn’t enough!

Operating a Business Today Is More Complex and Costly! Have you ever thought just how much more complicated running your business is today than in years past? Today just one bad business decision could cost your company thousands of dollars. Regulations, state and federal requirements, employee handbooks, employee disputes, lease agreements, warranty contracts, OSHA,  etc. Handling all of this information with expertise is difficult and costly. Thankfully, the BizAssure broker has invested in a solution for your company.

Stern Insurance Group, Inc. Has Invested Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Your Behalf! The BizAssure member broker has invested tens of thousands of dollars to create, maintain, and deliver to you a state-of-the-art consulting and training network. This network delivers expert consultants and trainers to help your company navigate through the maze of risks that face you … and all at no cost or significantly discounted!

Spend Thirty Minutes With A Stern Insurance Group, Inc. Now and find out exactly how we might save your company money, and provide you and your staff with important, time-saving solutions. The BizAssure Risk Survey is a collaborative discussion,  identifying possible risks in your company, estimating future costs of such risks, and identifying other potential liabilities. We then help you develop solutions and strategies to lower your risk and liabilities and save money in the process.

Talk to us today … you will be glad you did!