by Gerald A. Cooper, President/CEO BizAssure

Did you know Stern Insurance Group, Inc. has made a substantial and worthwhile investment for your company, your workers, and your services? Did you know that your agent has invested in your company so that you may become more profitable?

It is difficult to maintain profitability and sanity with the myriad of complex business issues that lie before you today. The culprits are many : government, taxes, laws and regulations, lawsuits, workers’ needs, the economy, and even your business culture.

Your agent has decided to help make your life a little easier and a bit less complicated. How? By becoming a select member of BizAssure, a network of professional business consultants and commercial insurance agents. As a policyholder of a BizAssure agent you are entitled to unlimited valuable business consulting services. These services offer much of the critical information you need to help run your business, such as basic business legal advice, tax and accounting, labor law issues and strategies, human resource support and training, cutting-edge seminars, and a periodic magazine. All of these services are provided to you by friendly professionals!

We encourage you to take advantage of the investment your insurance agent has made on behalf of your company. Knowledge is power and profit … please takes advantage of the knowledge BizAssure offers you.